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Monday, June 21, 2010

Top Facebook do's and don'ts...

Expect this list to grow and change over time. Remember, I look at Facebook as a business tool, but also remember - your boss has access to FB, and even if you block people, you may not block the right people.  I think of FB as one of the great equalizers, maybe we will learn to be polite and respectful again because everyone can see what you are "thinking" online... Some of these are pet peeves, some of them are things that have worked fantastically for us at Gather, and I expect they may work for your business.  Send yours in the comments so we might add them to the main list!

Top Facebook Do's
  • Friend appropriate groups... When I started our FB presence, I friended people who sold wine, then wineries, and then people started friending me because we had friends in common and they were interested in my business.  Because of this - we have very little churn and Fan and Friend loss.
  • Be positive!
  • If multiple people post, keep the same voice.
  • Keep FB as a relationship builder - it's how people get to know you, your business, and your product personally and feel ownership in your business with you.
  • Be true to who you are - it's impossible to keep up an act online and in person for forever :)
 Top FaceBook Don'ts

  • Unfriending when you get angry at someone or what they say - hide them if they tick you off - unfriending is bad juju and should be used sparingly.
  • Spamming your friends list with messages that you don't want to send to the world
  • Stalking your competitors list - be careful doing so. Keep to friending people that are appropriate.
  • Don't fight online
  • Broadcasting that you play games all day - it says at best that you are boring, at worst, that you don't work or have a life.
  • Tweeting and FB the same message - you want all of your customers and links to follow you everywhere - imagine having contact with 1000's of people about your company and product 3-10x a day... if they follow you on FB, twitter, foursquare or more - why would they keep them all up if you say the same thing on each?
Got any thoughts?  This is a living and growing list :)

Check this link out for some more!

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