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Friday, April 15, 2011

I am naked

Titles work. They suck your customers and viewers in. It's marketing peeps. Gotta get people's attention in your posts.  I am thinking about Facebook for this post, but would love your input on other medium for your tips on how to see what has been successful for you (twitter, linked in, myspace, blogs and others - how do you do it?).

My thoughts on how to get people's attention...

  • Say something out of the ordinary 
    • Constantly posting events the same way is boring - there are different ways to show things off - updates, pictures, friends posting.
    • Don't just post to post - if you post infrequently but it matters, then people will take attention at your posts.
    • Be timely - posting something that happened 2 weeks ago or 5 weeks in the future doesn't work.
  • Show a picture
    • Pictures draw people in - they say that it says 1000 words, but those words are different to every viewer.  It's an amazing way to say EXACTLY what the viewer wanted you to say by them making it up themselves.
  • Use a poll
    • Tricky one here - I think polls stink.  But if you can get a controversial (yet benign - this is business right?) topic and some wild answers - try it!  Prizes help too...
  • Make sure what you used to get attention is true 
    •  False advertising is false advertising - people will not follow your cry for wolf more than a couple times.
    • I am naked - under my pajamas (I blog in bed a lot)


  1. I was in the audience at a talk at a scientific meeting on a Friday, the last day of the conference at 3 PM -- pretty much the last talk of the week. The woman wore a bright red skirt suit and she started the talk by thanking everyone for their attention, as she understood that by this time they were probably all just sitting there engaging in sexual fantasies, and she explained she wore the red suit for the same reason as for saying that. To perk everyone up so they could listen. It seemed to really work at the time - I still remember this happening even though it was over 15 years ago. But, I don't remember a thing about what she talked about. So, that's my point -- great idea, but maybe if it's possible to get the attention in a way that applies to what you are doing people will notice what you want them to, rather than just what titillates.