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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have a secret...

Why do certain pages gain followers and others don't?

'Cuz the cool ones make me feel cool for being there.

Not always easy for all professions, businesses or even people.  Here are some quick tips on making your followers feel cool...
  • Know them.  
    • Even if you might not know them on the street, know what they love, who they love, what they want.  It's amazing when you can't remember a name, if you can remember their drink, the first time you met, what they were looking for that you found... It works.
  • Let them know you.
    • Weird but true, everyone wants to know the owner.  You have to put yourself out there.
  • Don't belittle your competition.  
    • Hard, especially when they belittle you, but higher ground prevails. After all, if your customer had a good experience there, or enjoyed themselves - you are telling them they are not cool by going there.  #fail on the goal.
  • Thank them.
    • In public, and in private.  They need to know you know how important they are to you. Thank with a note, a free sample, a hug, a flattering introduction... it all is appreciated.
  • Be sincere.
    • None of this crap works if it's an act.  You may be a great sales person, but if you are building relationships, you need to put yourself out there.  For reals.
I go places that have great products and there needs to be more.  The chef coming out to thank me, the waiter remembering I can't have nuts, that all makes me feel wanted, or cool.  You really do want your customers... making them feel it is the goal.

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